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Read this Overview of the threat to academic freedom now facing Cornell.

UOIF "Academic Freedom" Webinar Series (Co-Sponsored by CFSA)

UOIF / CFSA "Academic Freedom" Webinar Series.  CFSA has teamed with over 20 leading non-profit organizations to found the multi-university University Open Inquiry Forum (“UOIF”) in order to present livestream public speaking and debate programs that address the challenges to Academic Freedom, Civil Discourse, Viewpoint Diversity, and Free Expression existing today at America’s institutions of higher learning. .Distinguished faculty from Stanford, Princeton, NYU, Harvard, Georgetown, MIT, Cornell, Brown, the University of California, and other preeminent universities have joined in the CFSA effort to describe these challenges and propose potential prescriptions for needed university reform. CFSA has now scheduled six such webinar livestream presentations for 203 which will  be accessible to the Cornell Community. To view both the most recent and previous recordings of these the CFSA co-sponsored webinars, please click-on the links below :


Webinar No. 3 _ CFSA-UVA Webinar :  "George F. Will...."America's Great Universities - Will Their Magnificnt Legacy Be Squanndered In A Generation? / April 5, 2023

Webinar No. 4 - CFSA-Stanford Webinar :   "Protecting Academic Freedom  - Do Proposed Policies In Florida Makes  Sense"  / May 3, 2023"  

Webinar No. 5 :  CFSA-HxA Discussion : "Peer Pressure and the Suppression Of Viewpoint Diversity On Campus"  /  May 10,2023:   



Webinar No. 1 - CFSA-Cornell Webinar :   "Understanding Climate Change Via Open Inquiry Debate  /  March 10, 2023

Webinar No. 2 - CFSA-MIT Webinar  : "The Great DEI Debate - Should Academic DEI Programs Be Abolished ?"  / April 4, 2023



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