An independent organization advocating for free expression, viewpoint diversity, and academic freedom at Cornell University

Read this Overview of the threat to academic freedom now facing Cornell.

Student Program

As a Cornell Student, you are at an important stage of your life where you can test out competing beliefs and decide for yourself what makes sense to you.  That is why in 2019, Cornell set as one of its six core values  “Free and Open Inquiry and Expression.  We are a community whose very purpose is the pursuit of knowledge.”  Cornell then elaborates “We value free and open inquiry and expression—tenets that underlie academic freedom—even of ideas some may consider wrong or offensive. Inherent in this commitment is the corollary freedom to engage in reasoned opposition to messages to which one objects.”  The CFSA will support Cornell in upholding this promise.

Students, of all political beliefs, are welcome to participate in the CFSA to explore free and open inquiry and expression.  This includes working to protect the due process rights of all students and the ability to explore and exchange on all ideas.  By working with faculty and alumni on free and open inquiry, you will both enhance your Cornell experience as well as protect the value of your Cornell degree.

Possible tasks CFSA is considering is bringing speakers to campus and organizing a student-led group to host student debates, with mentors assisting when possible.

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