An independent organization advocating for free expression, viewpoint diversity, and academic freedom at Cornell University

Read this Overview of the threat to academic freedom now facing Cornell.

CFSA Objectives

CFSA will advance the following actions and/or recommendations whose purpose is to improve conditions with respect to Free Expression, Viewpoint Diversity, and Academic Freedom at Cornell University :

  1. Organize Cornell Alumni, Faculty, Students & Staff In Support Of Free Expression & Viewpoint Diversity On Campus
  2. Cornell Adoption Of Strong Free Speech Principles
  3. Expand Viewpoint Diversity At Cornell
  4. Correct Cornell Speech Codes
  5. Protect “Due Process” At Cornell 
  6. Assist Cornell Donor Giving To Advance Free Expression & Viewpoint Diversity On Campus
  7. Implement Cornell Student Orientation Programs That Uphold First Amendment Principles
  8. Establish “Open Dialogue” Student Discussion Groups
  9. Offer Diversity Programs Which Encourage (Not Alienate) Students & Faculty
  10. Defend Against Cancel Culture Attacks Occurring Within The Cornell Community
  11. Mentor Other University Groups Who Aim To Protect Free Expression & Viewpoint Diversity On Campus 
  12. Actively Monitor Cornell’s Free Speech Climate

For a more detailed description of the above CFSA objectives, please go to the Cornell Action Items tab of this website.