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AFSA Member Universities

Rapid Growth of University Membership in the Alumni Free Speech Alliance

CFSA (along with members from Princeton University, University of Virginia, Washington & Lee University, and Davisdon College) is a Founding Member of the Alumni Free Speech Alliance (AFSA). AFSA is now a very rapidly growing consortium of university groups from across the US. Listen to a Brief Overview Of AFSA Here. Since its founding in October 2021, AFSA has been overwhelmed by the interest of a multitude of American college and university groups who wish to join the AFSA free speech movement. Within two weeks of its founding, AFSA received membership inquiries from a staggering 110+ colleges and universities from across the nation. This explosive interest in the AFSA movement indicates the urgent need to return Free Expression, Viewpoint Diversity, and Academic Freedom to the colleges and universities of the United States. As of January 2022, CFSA and groups from the following universities (followed by a very large waiting list from other universities) have thus far joined as full members of AFSA : 


Over the coming year, AFSA expects to add many more university group members to its ranks. The AFSA free speech movement continues to rapidly build momentum -- with new ASFA members soon  expected to become strong allies in the fight to preserve and protect the crucial mission of academic freedom at America's colleges and universities.