An independent organization advocating for free expression, viewpoint diversity, and academic freedom at Cornell University

Read this Overview of the threat to academic freedom now facing Cornell.

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CFSA is teamed with several aligned organizations ( see Aligned Organizations ) and many Cornellians (including hundreds of Cornell faculty, alumni, students & staff) to defend the free speech and viewpoint diversity rights of all persons within the Cornell Community ( see Faculty-Student-Staff-Alumni Alliance ) . If you are a Cornell faculty member, student, or staff member who is being denied your rights to free speech and/or viewpoint diversity on campus, or is suffering from any associated reprisals, attacks, or threats, CFSA is ready to assist you to push back against any such unjustified actions and/or aggressions. Please get help by submitting information regarding your situation here : Submit A Case. If you are a Cornell faculty member who is threatened with job related impacts as a consequence of exercising free speech or viewpoint diversity, please provide background information here :  Unfair Practices Against Faculty.  Also, please notify CFSA of a case submission here : Send Message To CFSA.

CFSA stands ready and able to defend the First Amendment free speech and viewpoint diversity rights of Cornell faculty, students, and staff. Please reach out to us if you need such support and/or assistance.