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Read this Overview of the threat to academic freedom now facing Cornell.

CFSA New Year Report 2022 (Read Below)



                                                                 CFSA New Year Report 2022

January 2022

Dear Friend Of Cornell :

Although they have long been past hallmarks of our beloved university, freedom of speech, diversity of viewpoint, and open academic inquiry are all now under serious threat at Cornell University. Independent from the university, the Cornell Free Speech Alliance (CFSA) is a non-partisan, grassroots organization established in October 2021 by a group of Cornell faculty and alumni whose purpose is to join with the university in the critically important effort to protect and advance the following three key educational fundamentals at Cornell : 1) Free Expression;  2) Viewpoint Diversity;  and  3) Academic Freedom. This 2022 New Year update is a report to you and many other members of the Cornell Community who have expressed a strong desire to preserve free speech and open academic inquiry as growing intolerance and "Cancel Culture" impair these essential educational freedoms at Cornell and other leading US universities across America. With the educational mission of Cornell University now under serious threat,  the CFSA effort must grow in order to positively impact Cornell's on-campus learning environment. Therefore, please help build the CFSA effort by emailing this webpage to all of your Cornell colleagues and friends -- and by joining as a CFSA SUBSCRIBER HERE .

Since its recent founding, CFSA has attracted wide attention within the national press and among members of the Cornell Community.  Hundreds of supporters and subscribers, including large numbers of Cornell faculty members and students, are now engaged in learning about and advancing the CFSA mission. Driven by this strong faculty, student, staff, and alumni support, CFSA has accomplished a great deal within its brief 10-week existence. We encourage you to review a complete overview of the progress made by CFSA. Please find this full report here (point-and-click on below) :

                                                                                          CFSA  FULL PROGRESS UPDATE  / JANUARY 2022

For those preferring a more brief synopsis of CFSA's progress and activities over the past 3 months, the below outline provides a point-and-click menu which allows "quick reference" navigation to the subjects and/or happenings of most interest :


            A.     Current State Of The University     :         The Mortal Threat Now Facing Cornell

            B.     Testimonies From Cornell                :         Report From Cornell Faculty & Students On Current Campus Conditions

            C.     Cornell Daily Sun Reports                :         Urgent Need To Improve Free Speech Conditions On Campus

            D.     The University GroupThink Crisis  :         The Cornell Monoculture

            E.      An Overview Of The Challenge       :         Overview 1  ;  Overview 2 ;  and  Overview 3.



            A.      The Purpose Of CFSA                       :           CFSA Mission Statement

            B.      Building An Alliance For Action       :           Cornell Faculty-Student-Staff-Alumni Alliance

            C.      Moving Cornell Forward                  :            Cornell Action Items

            D.      CFSA Teams With AFSA                   :            The New  "Alumni Free Speech Alliance" :  A Nationwide University Initiative



             A.     CFSA National Podcast Interview    :          The Free Speech Environment At Cornell - Jan 2022

             B.     News Reports On CFSA / AFSA       :           Article 1       Article 2      Article 3      Article 4     Article 5      Article 6

                                                                                               Article 7      Article 8      Article 9      Article 10     Article 11    Article 12

             C.     Recent Governmental Hearings      :           CFSA Testimony To US Congress



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              B.    Become A Volunteer                           :         Contact CFSA To Join The Effort : [email protected]

              C.    Donate To CFSA                                  :         Contact CFSA To Donate To The Cornell Free Speech Initiative : [email protected] 

              D.    Help CFSA Reach Others                    :      Please Forward The CFSA Email Received And This Webpage Address To Other Cornell Colleagues !  


Remember, "strength is in numbers" as we strive to keep Cornell the outstanding educational institution we all know and love. SUBSCRIBE today !

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