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Liberal Students Object To Cornell Monoculture

Cornell Daily Sun

A little over seven years ago, the University of Chicago issued a report defending free speech on campus. Since then, over eighty institutions or faculty bodies have adopted the report and committed themselves to promote free expression. We write this letter to encourage Cornell to do the same.  

Cornell's Proposed Code of Conduct Changes Threaten Free Speech

Cornell Review

In September 2017, Cornell University President Martha Pollack announced the creation of a “Task Force on Campus Climate”. The task force was to be composed of faculty, students, and staff, and was ostensibly designed to foster an environment that is “more diverse and inclusive, and that expresses greater respect and understanding.” The task force was directed to create recommendations for addressing instances of bigotry and intolerance. It was established in response to a student chanting “Build the Wall” that was not illegal under the current Campus Code. 

99.5% Cornell Faculty, Academics’ Donations Given to Left-Leaning Groups

The Cornell Daily Sun

Over the last year, professors, researchers and lecturers collectively donated approximately $289,975.05 to election campaigns. Almost all donations were to left-leaning candidates for Congressional, gubernatorial and other races. There was only one donation to Republican candidates.