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6-Aug-09Fire.orgJohn CettaIntolerance of Tolerance: Cornell University, A Model of Illiberalism

3-Nov-11Cornell ProgressiveZach NewkirkFreedom to Teach at Cornell

12-Jun-20Fox NewsBrie StimsonCornell law professor says calls for his firing over protest criticism almost 'totalitarian'

21-Oct-21Wall Street JournalStuart Taylor Jr. and Edward YinglingAlumni Unite For Freedom Of Speech

21-Oct-21Inside Higher EdMaria CarrascoAlumni Organize to Protect Free Speech 

21-Oct-21Reason.comVeronique de RugyYou Can't Fight Campus Illiberalism With More Illiberalism

27-Oct-21James G. Martin CenterJay SchalinSheep No More: the Alumni Rise

27-Oct-21National ReviewGeorge Reef Finally — Alumni Groups Enter the Battle against Higher Education’s Degradation

19-Nov-21Real Clear PoliticsEdward Yingling and  Stuart Taylor Jr.The Year Campus Free Speech Groups Started Fighting Back

21-Nov-21Fox NewsAudrey ConklinLawmakers, alumni groups call for free speech on campuses: ‘There has to be some legal action’ 

30-Nov-21Daily CallerEileen GriffinDeep-Pocketed Alumni Are Holding Back Donations To Major Universities In Effort To Protect Free Speech On Campus

5-Dec-21Washington ExaminerJeremiah PoffAlumni groups leverage donations against universities crimping free speech 

12-Dec-21Wall Street JournalDoug Belkin Alumni Withhold Donations, Demand Free Speech

25-Dec-21Campus ReformKate Hirzel10 times universities said no to the woke mob in 2021

3-Jan-22Shaping OpinionTim O'BrienFree Speech on Campus: Alumni Aren’t Happy

28-Jun-22The College FixJennifer KabbanyCornell library removes Gettysburg Address, Lincoln bust

28-Jun-22johnathanturley.orgJohnathan Turley“Anybody Here, Seen my Old Friend Abraham?”: Cornell Silent on Disappearance of Lincoln Bust and Gettysburg Address

28-Jun-22BreitBartAlana MastrangeloProfessor: Cornell U. Library Removes Gettysburg Address, Lincoln Bust After ‘Complaints’

29-Jun-22Fox NewsEmma ColtonCornell University removes Gettysburg Address, Lincoln bust from library after alleged complaint

29-Jun-22Washington ExaminerJeremiah Poff'Someone complained': Cornell University Library removes Lincoln bust and Gettysburg Address 

29-Jun-22New York PostEmma ColtonGettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln bust removed from Cornell library after ‘complaint’: professor 

30-Jun-22Daily CallerChrissy ClarkCornell Quietly Removes Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln Bust From Library: Report 

30-Jun-22The College FixPat CrossThe College Fix’s higher education cartoon of the week #LincolnRemoved #CancelCulture

5-Jul-22The College FixJennifer KabbanyCornell, do the right thing — reinstall the Lincoln display

24-Jul-22Washington PostSusan SvrlugaCollege Alumni Groups Spread Nationally to Counter ‘Cancel Culture’ 

26-Aug-22The College FixJennifer KabbanyCornell perpetuates ‘colonialism, slavery, racism, classism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism,’ school’s website states

26-Aug-22johnathanturley.orgJohnathan TurleyCornell Declaration States School Perpetuates Dispossession, Slavery, Racism, Classism, Sexism, Transphobia, Homophobia, Antisemitism, and Ableism.”

26-Aug-22The College FixRandy WayneHere’s why, as a professor, I fight against critical race theory and DEI at Cornell

27-Sep-22johnathanturley.orgJohnathan Turley“I refuse to do this”: Leading NYU Psychologist Resigns from Research Group Over Mandatory DEI Statement 

29-Sep-22Fox NewsEmma ColtonCornell professor warns universities are eliminating meaning of 'objective truth' from classrooms with CRT

29-Sep-22The College FixJennifer KabbanyCornell to reinstall Lincoln bust, will place it in ‘the heart of our Ithaca campus’ 

30-Sep-22Washington ExaminerJeremiah Poff Cornell restores Lincoln bust after removal prompted complaints

1-Oct-22Legalinsurrection.comMike LaChanceCornell Prof Warns That Universities are Eliminating ‘Objective Truth’ From the Classroom With CRT 

3-Oct-22The New AmericanSelwyn DukeCornell Professor: CRT Being Used to Kill Objective Truth in the Classroom

14-Oct-22The College FixGigi de la TorreDemocrats outnumber Republicans 98 to 1 in Cornell humanities departments 

26-Oct-22The College FixJennifer Kabbany ‘Academic Freedom Conference’ at Stanford to unite big-name conservatives and liberals for free speech

3-Nov-22The College FixJennifer Kabbany‘Speaking parody to power’: Faculty, alumni mock universities with humorous satire sites

5-Nov-22The College FixJennifer KabbanyAcademic Freedom Conference prompts spirited debate over how best to fix higher education

9-Nov-22The College FixMaggie KellyCornell refuses to cancel Ann Coulter speech

10-Nov-22Legal InsurrectionWilliam A. JacobsonCornell University “Apologizes” To Ann Coulter After Students Shouting “Your Words Are Violence” Shut Down Speech

11-Nov-22The College FixKen WolfLincoln’s triumphant return to Cornell

11-Nov-22Inside Higher EdJohanna AlonsoProtesters Interrupt Ann Coulter’s Speech at Cornell

13-Nov-22The Cornell ReviewStaffInterview with ACTA’s Michael Poliakoff and Steven McGuire

17-Nov-22Fox NewsEmma ColtonLincoln statue back on display at Cornell University library after abrupt removal